Equip yourself with a motorcycle jacket like SF-01 Softshell Black of winter for men it's necessary if you want to ride in motorcycle, because the motorcycle riders are more prone to suffer damages in case of crash. The motorcycle jackets are manufactured con telas fabrics that have a great resistance facing grazes and hits.

The jackets from Unik provide a good price / quality relation. Comfort, safety and durability are the key features that Unik search with each of its jackets.

  • The jacket model SF-01 Softshell is specifically designed for men, adapting perfectly at rider's body.
  • It has equipped with a raincoat lining that will facilitate you pass the winter without feel cold.
  • The zipper its sealed, doing that not enter the cold.
  • It's equipped with protections made of rubber that can be removed, located in elbows and shoulders that absorb impacts in case of crash.

Casaco Unik Softshell Preto

112,00 €Price
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